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Updates! Finally, some updates. Time has been moving briskly along but the web is just now starting to reflect a few things happening. A couple of short notes…

The Grand Project – It’s an extremely new, collaborative documentary project focusing on the Grand River and the surrounding area. There will be more images surfacing over the coming weeks. It’s part of a larger body of work that is evolving. Some will appear in the edit and others will remain on the blog while the work grows.

10 – This is an ongoing journal that will focus on art/artists from various mediums. 10 can be seen at You can link and share the digital copy through issuu. Photos of the limited print copy will be posted soon.

SPE cards – I have a stack of really cool business cards that I have been meaning to post and I haven’t had a moment to sit at the scanner and get it done. Hopefully those are coming soon.

Video Projects – Currently I am producing and directing a new video project for Hytest. More news about that soon.

Until then, check out the new projects, do good work and have a safe weekend.

More to come… 

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