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Getting Back To The Blog…

It’s been a long, long time since my last post. But the good news is that things are afoot here. If you follow the commercial happenings at you’ll know I’m back to full time photography.

Many hours behind the desk at IU and the personal desk at Grand Valley have been spent working on things related to GVSU and teaching. Now, my time at GV has shifted, working less in the classroom and now re-focusing back onto my own photographic work. More time will be spent on IU and 10 Journal ( will also become a major point of interest. And work will continue with reDiscovering the Grand ( with various posts and new images on that respective site.

Many good things are happening so we’ll see where it goes! More to come…

Documenting the Grand: An Aside

This isn’t the shot I intended to take but it’s an interesting composition. I plan on going back. Well…that’s rather understated. I’ll be going back rather a lot while this project evolves. On the other side of things, it’s a nice little aside to remind me of all the things that happen when you don’t intend them to.


SPE Cards

This is a long time coming but as noted, there has been a ton of things to catch up on. These are some quick scans of some of the business cards I received at SPE this year. Fun stuff. I really enjoy business cards. More to come…


Current: Updates

Updates! Finally, some updates. Time has been moving briskly along but the web is just now starting to reflect a few things happening. A couple of short notes…

The Grand Project – It’s an extremely new, collaborative documentary project focusing on the Grand River and the surrounding area. There will be more images surfacing over the coming weeks. It’s part of a larger body of work that is evolving. Some will appear in the edit and others will remain on the blog while the work grows.

10 – This is an ongoing journal that will focus on art/artists from various mediums. 10 can be seen at You can link and share the digital copy through issuu. Photos of the limited print copy will be posted soon.

SPE cards – I have a stack of really cool business cards that I have been meaning to post and I haven’t had a moment to sit at the scanner and get it done. Hopefully those are coming soon.

Video Projects – Currently I am producing and directing a new video project for Hytest. More news about that soon.

Until then, check out the new projects, do good work and have a safe weekend.

More to come… 

Current Work: 10

Things have been so busy lately it’s been hard to keep track. I did want to get a current side project out there. 10 is a journal project that features art of various mediums on a quarterly basis. The most recent one is in production now. You can learn more here

As always, more to come…


SPE 2014

And I’m off…


It’s that time of year again… I’m very fortunate to be making it to SPE again. So much talent, so much creativity. I’m looking forward to every minute. I’ll hopefully get a post in here and there and if you happen to stumble across while at SPE, drop me a line, hopefully we can connect.
More to come…


New Beginnings

It’s a new blog look and a new blog style. Awhile ago I had mentioned that this was going to be a collective of sorts, for content I create and content I find. While I still believe it is, the filter is going to be stronger. The posts will be more focused. I unfortunately had to start from scratch to get back where I felt I needed to be. After an export, and then an import, the content that was, was for all greater purposes, lost. It does exist on the IU side of things, which will not be the focus of this site. Thus, if we collaborated, hopefully we can again. And if we haven’t, hopefully we will. Stay close for new happenings and info as the blog evolves, yet again.